1. Shipping:

  • Q: What are your shipping options?
    • A: We provide both paid and free shipping options, both equipped with a tracking number for your convenience.
  • Q: Can you elaborate on delivery times?
    • A: Certainly! Delivery times vary depending on the destination. For instance, Australia and Japan typically take 7-20 business days, while countries like Canada, France, UAE, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, UK, USA, North America, and Europe generally have a faster delivery time of 3-5 business days.

2. Product Warranty:

  • Q: Could you provide more details about your product warranty?
    • A: Of course! All our products come with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring their quality and functionality. Additionally, we take extra care in delivering each item in sturdy wooden boxes to prevent any damage during transportation.

3. Communication and Account:

  • Q: How can I get in touch with your team?
    • A: We've made it easy for you! Reach out to us via various channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, email, or phone. We value your convenience.
  • Q: Is it necessary to create an account to make a purchase?
    • A: While creating an account is an option, it's not mandatory. You can freely make purchases without the need for account creation.

4. Payment and Security:

  • Q: Could you detail the payment methods accepted and the security measures in place?
    • A: Absolutely! Payments are securely processed through iyzico, utilizing a robust 3D security system. You can find more detailed information on payment security at

5. Discounts and Coupons:

  • Q: How can customers make use of discounts and coupons?
    • A: Our customers enjoy periodic discounts and coupon offers. Stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter, and you'll receive updates on promotions and exclusive deals.

6. Product Variety and Price Range:

  • Q: What types of products do you offer, and what is the price range?
    • A: Explore our diverse range, including typewriters, radios, and spare parts, each boasting antique features. Prices range approximately from $400 to $20,000, ensuring there's something for every enthusiast.

7. Returns and Exchanges:

  • Q: Could you elaborate on your return policy and how faulty products are handled?
    • A: Certainly! Faulty or damaged products fall under our comprehensive warranty. We facilitate the return process and resend the same product free of charge, ensuring our customers' satisfaction.

8. Maintenance and Repairs:

  • Q: Do you offer maintenance or repair services for your products?
    • A: At this time, we do not provide maintenance or repair services. However, rest assured that all our products undergo thorough checks before being offered for sale.

9. International Shipping:

  • Q: Do you ship internationally?
    • A: Absolutely! We offer international shipping for our typewriters. Feel free to reach out for specific shipping details to your country.

10. Custom Orders:

  • Q: Can I place a custom order for a specific typewriter or radio model?
    • A: Certainly! We offer custom order services, allowing you to personalize your desired typewriter with specific colors and features. We aim to fulfill custom orders within approximately 3 business days.

11. Product Availability:

  • Q: How frequently do you update your product inventory?
    • A: Our inventory is regularly updated to offer a dynamic selection of typewriters, radios, and spare parts. Visit our website frequently to discover the latest additions.

12. Packaging and Handling:

  • Q: How are typewriters and radios packaged for shipping?
    • A: Ensuring the safety of your purchase is our priority. We employ secure packaging methods to protect typewriters and radios from any potential damage during transit.

13. Typewriter Ribbon Replacement:

  • Q: Can you guide me on replacing the typewriter ribbon?
    • A: Certainly! Typewriter ribbons can usually be easily replaced, and additional ribbons are available for purchase through our store or other e-commerce sites.

14. Restocking Fees:

  • Q: Are there any restocking fees for returns or exchanges?
    • A: No, we do not impose restocking fees for returns or exchanges within the warranty period. Your satisfaction is our priority.

15. Newsletter Subscription:

  • Q: How can I subscribe to your newsletter for updates and promotions?
    • A: Subscribing to our newsletter is easy! Visit our website and sign up to receive the latest updates, promotions, and information about discounts and coupons.

Feel free to continue asking questions or let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know!